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36 Ultrasound clinic – Street 6, Khang An Residential Area. Phu Huu Ward. Thu Duc City (near CC SKY9) – License number 07959 / HCM-GPHONE

Over many years of practice, our clinic has and always learns knowledge and skills to better serve and take care of customers.
Services at the clinic:
– Fetal ultrasound:
Morphological survey
Doppler blood vessels: umbilical artery, middle cerebral artery, …
Measure nuchal translucency
Measure cervical canal
Periodically every month during pregnancy,…
– Color ultrasound – Doppler (male/female):
General abdomen: liver, gallbladder, kidney, bladder, etc.
Thyroid, cervical lymph nodes
Heart, blood vessels, software…
Vaginal probe: uterus, ovaries, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, etc.
Mammary glands
– Blood tests for pregnant women:
+ NIPT test, 9 recessive gene diseases in pregnant women, 25 de novo mutations in fetus,…
+ Test Combined test, Double test, Triple test
+ Test to check for gestational diabetes – Blood sugar tolerance test
+ Test for Group B streptococcus (GBS),…
– Periodic health check-up blood tests: liver function, kidney function, blood fat, hepatitis B virus, cancer screening (cervical, ovarian, …) and many other tests
– Counseling on contraception – family planning
– Aspiration cytology (FNA): Early detection of cancers of thyroid, breast, etc.

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What the patient said about us

I appreciate the doctors at the 36 – ultrasound clinic – Dr. Lam because the doctors are happy, wholeheartedly advising about my disease. Hopefully the clinic will always improve and be a reliable address for other patients like me

Mr Phan

I am very confident in the examination at Ultrasound Clinic 36 because the doctors are all highly specialized, modern machinery. I would recommend my friends and relatives to this clinic.


Mr Đình Tiến

I have visited many places but the 36 Ultrasound Clinic is the most impressive place. I myself have joint pain. After an ultrasound and diagnosis I was enthusiastically reduced and my arthropathy was significantly reduced.

MsThanh Mai


Do you have questions about ultrasound services, doctor’s appointment, symptoms,…. Please contact us for the best support.






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