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36 Ultrasound clinic – Street 6, Khang An Residential Area.  Phu Huu Ward. Thu Duc City (near CC SKY9) – License number 07959 / HCM-GPHD

Our mission is to contribute to improving public health, reducing overcrowding in public hospitals and contributing to the socialization of health care.

Our commitment is to bring people medical services with international standard quality, highest efficiency, compassion and reasonable prices.

Your health is our top concern.

This is ensured by us with the highest quality, reputable, responsible medical services along with a team of experienced doctors, hard work, dedicated care and treatment of patients, Tireless continuous dedication, fully equipped with modern machinery and equipment imported from G7 countries with modern and accurate technology, applying 4.0 technology in remote imaging, can consult with leading Vietnamese experts and international experts when necessary.

The health care services here are of the highest quality, including both predictive and preventive treatment. All of the patient’s personal privacy needs will be respected and fully addressed.

Ultrasound clinic 36 is one of the most prestigious and reputable clinics in Ho Chi Minh City highly appreciated by experts and trusted by a large number of patients.

36 Clinic is located at Street 6, Khang An Resident Area, Phu Huu Ward, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City


Ultrasound pregnancy and reproductive health care
Color ultrasound – Doppler (male/female):
Blood test for pregnant women
Counseling on contraceptive methods
Aspiration cytology (FNA): Early cancer detection of thyroid, breast, etc.

Doctor – Ho Thi Lam

                                     Head of Diagnostic Imaging Department – Post Hospital

Ad: 36, Street No6, Khang An Resident, Phu Huu Ward, Thu Duc City, HCM city

Hotline: 0917.717.498 ; Zalo: 0917.717.498

                                            Email: phongkhamsieuam36@gmail.com