1. Blood test during pregnancy
Besides monitoring and evaluating the health status of pregnant women and fetuses, pregnancy blood test also helps to predict and detect early signs of adverse effects for mother and fetus throughout the entire pregnancy period. and childbirth, such as diseases hepatitis B, iron deficiency anemia, syphilis, or more seriously, HIV/AIDS.

Thanks to the accurate  reading of blood test results during pregnancy , doctors will have further indications to strengthen the diagnosis and give appropriate treatment, beneficial to the mother and fetus.

2. Do you need a blood test during pregnancy?
Blood count test during pregnancy is an extremely important and necessary technique for pregnant mother and fetus. Because at different stages of pregnancy, pregnant women and their unborn babies face different risks of pathology, so it is necessary to carry out regular blood tests to detect as early as possible these conditions. This is especially true during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Xét nghiệm máu
Blood test during pregnancy is necessary

3. Blood test index during pregnancy

Blood test indicators for pregnant women to perform include:

Determination of blood group:
This test is intended to determine the mother’s blood type, for timely blood transfusion during pregnancy, especially during childbirth because it is easy to occur anemia, blood loss, postpartum hemorrhage …

Rh factor test:
The test is to check whether the mother is Rh-positive or negative. If the mother is Rh-negative and the baby’s father is Rh-, there is a chance that the fetus will be Rh-positive. As a result, the mother’s body will begin to produce antibodies that destroy red blood cells in the fetus, causing very serious damage.

Blood test:
This is a type of  pregnancy blood test  used to test the iron content in the mother’s body, to see if there is anemia or not, from which iron supplements will be indicated. Blood tests also help detect abnormal red blood cells that cause hematological diseases such as sickle cell disease, Thalassemia, etc. in both pregnant women and fetuses.

Hepatitis B virus test:
In order to determine whether a pregnant woman is infected with hepatitis B virus or not, to minimize the possibility of transmitting the disease to the baby in the womb by vaccinating vaccinated against hepatitis B as soon as the baby is born.

Syphilis spirochete test:
This is a type of spirochete that can infect the fetus during the 5th month of pregnancy, with serious consequences that can stop the growth of the fetus, premature birth and terminate the pregnancy. In addition, there are a number of other viruses that also need to be tested to avoid dangerous infectious diseases, such as testing for viruses   Rubella, Cytomegalo …

HIV virus test:
This is one of the most necessary  blood tests  for women, right before deciding to get pregnant. If you are pregnant with HIV, you should see your treating doctor for advice on finding an appropriate treatment.

Vì sao cần xét nghiệm yếu tố Rh khi mang thai?
Blood test during pregnancy helps detect abnormalities in pregnant women

4. Does a pregnancy blood test detect HIV?

HIV/AIDS testing for pregnant and pre-pregnancy women is extremely important, especially for mitigating the global HIV/AIDS pandemic. Since the HIV virus can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy and delivery, this type of  blood test  is required in almost all pregnancies.

Some mothers during pregnancy do not equip themselves with sufficient knowledge about reproductive health or because of subjective psychology, they cannot detect their own HIV infection, so they do not conduct blood tests for HIV and treatment to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

This increases the incidence of the disease of the century more and more. The HIV virus can be transmitted from mother to baby in utero, during childbirth, and even after childbirth, so having a pregnancy blood test detects HIV is really important in screening control HIV/AIDS. Women should voluntarily go to reputable medical facilities to perform this test.

Blood test during pregnancy is considered an economic, convenient and easy-to-implement method to check, evaluate and monitor the health status of pregnant mothers as well as the growth and development of pregnant women. development of the child in her womb. In addition to detecting unusual problems such as blood disorders, hepatitis B virus infection, etc., the “blood test during pregnancy” also helps screen for HIV infection, avoiding further spread of this dangerous social disease.

Khám thai định kỳ tại Vinmec
Pregnant women need to have regular antenatal check-ups according to the doctor’s appointment

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